PANE & VINO - Italian Trattoria Pizzeria

             LUNCH MENU AVAILABLE                          FROM 12PM TO 2PM               MONDAY TO FRIDAY DINE IN - TAKE OUT

FOR $10
Buffalo mozzarella served with fresh sliced tomato and basil
-Insalata ruchetta (V)                                                                
Rocket salad with parmesan cheese, walnuts and balsamic vinegar glaze
-Insalata mista (V,VG,DF)
Mixed salad with carrots, chopped tomato, black olives     

FOR $12
-Spaghetti alla carbonara                                                          
With Italian bacon and black pepper in a creamy egg sauce
-Spaghetti alla Bolognese                                                                 
With beef and pork slow cooked for 6 hours in tomato sauce
- Linguine alla puttanesca
With anchovies, capers, black olives, chili and basil in a tomato sauce
-Linguine alla campagnola                                                         
With chicken and button mushrooms in a creamy tomato sauce
-Penne alla genovese
With chicken and basil pesto in creamy sauce
-Penne Caprese (VG)
With capsicum black olives and capers in tomato sauce with a bit of chilli
FOR $13
-Pizza garlic bread
-Arancini siciliani di riso (V)                                                       
Deep fried crumbed balls of riso arborio filled
with mozzarella cheese OR with truffle pesto and mushrooms
-Calamari fritti                                                                             
Deep fried squid tossed in flour, lemon and pepper served with lemon.
-Pizza fritta (V)
Deep fried pizza base topped with fresh tomato, feta cheese, black olives and rocket salad 
-Calzone fritto 
Deepfried closed pizza filled with cooked ham, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce
FOR $15
-Linguine ai frutti di mare                                                               
With squid, mussels, prawns, garlic and parsley in a white wine OR tomato sauce
-Ravioli ai funghi (V)                                                                        
Mushroom and pamesan cheese ravioli served with creamy truffle sauce
-Gnocchi di patate (only potato and flour). Choose your favorite sauce      
-Tomato and basil (V) OR Bolognese
-Beef salad
Sliced medium rare eye fillet (120gr) served with mixed salad, feta cheese, sliced almond and chopped tomato
-Napoletana  capers, oregano and anchovies
-Hawaian pineapple and ham
-Inferno hot salami, chili and capsicum
-Prosciutto e funghi cooked ham and mixed mushroom
-Ortolana  (V) eggplants, capsicums, olives and mushrooms
-Paracarro salami, mushrooms, rocket salad and truffle oil

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