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ANTIPASTI/STARTER ( Served with home made daily bread )-
-Bruschetta  (V)
Home made roasted bread
-topped with garlic and olive oil                                                                 $5
-topped with fresh tomato, garlic , oregano and extra virgin olive oil            $6
-topped with mozzarella cheese and roasted capsicums                             $7
-topped with mozzarella cheese and mixed mushrooms                           $8
-Antipasto di salumi
Chopping board of  mixed cured meat served with pickled Vegetables                                                                                             $13
-Antipasto tipico
Chopping board of Parma ham, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and rocket salad  .                                                                                                      $14
-Polenta pasticciata (V)
Oven baked polenta topped with zola cheese and mixed italian porcini mushroom                                                                                              $14
-Caprese (V) 
Classic Capri Island salad with fresh mozzarella,fresh tomato slices and oregan                                                                                                     $12
I FRITTI DI PANE & VINO (The classic Italian homemade deep fried)
-Arancini siciliani di riso (V)                                                                                                      $11
Deep fried balls of riso arborio filled with mozzarella cheese
-Croquette di patate(V)                                                                                                      $11
Deep fried crumbed potatoes croquette with garlic and parsley
With pomodoro (V) or Bolognese sauce or Chicken in creamy sauce
-Penne alla Caprese (V)
With capsicum, zucchini, chilli and basil in tomato sauce and topped with parmesan cheese                                                                          $17
-Penne pepate
With mushroom, onions, chilli and home made pork sausage in tomato sauce and topped with fresh parmesan cheese.                                                                                           $18
-Linguine alla genovese
With chicken , basil pesto and topped with fresh grated parmesan cheese                                                                                            $18
Linguine ai frutti di mare    
-With squid, mussels, prawns, garlic rosemary and parsley in a white wine sauce or tomato sauce                                                                                $19
-Spaghetti all’amatriciana
With bacon, onions, tomato sauce and mixed with fresh pecorino cheese                                                                                              $18
-Spaghetti alla carbonara
With italian bacon and onions in a creamy egg sauce topped with black pepper and pecorino romano cheese                                                             $18
Gnocchi di Spinaci
-Spinach and potatoes  gnocchi with bacon ,parmesan ,zola cheese in  creamy sauce                                                                                     $20
Ravioli Verdi (V)-Wrapped spinach ravioli filled with lemon, ricotta cheese & spinach served with tomato sauce and basil             $19
Mezzelune al pollo
-Chicken ravioli with cream garlic sauce                                     $20
Ravioli ai funghi (V)
-Mushroom ravioli with cream and truffle                                   $19
Topped with fresh grated parmesan cheese  unless said
Lasagna al forno                                                              
-Beef lasagne with Bolognese sauce, and bechamel sauce              $20
Cannelloni con pollo
-Pasta tube filled with ricotta cheese ,chicken and spinach & topped with creamy sauce                                                        $20
Cannelloni di carne con funghi                                                        
-Pasta tube filled with ragu of beef,mixed mushroom, parmesan cheese and truffle pesto topped with  mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.      $21
Cannelloni di magro.                                                                  
 -Pasta tube filled with ricotta cheese and spinach topped
with creamy sauce.                                                                         $19 
Melanzana alla parmigiana(V)                                                    
-Oven baked eggplants topped with heaps of  parmesan cheese and tomato sauce.                                                                                           $18
 Timballo Genovese
-Oven baked fresh snapper fillet topped with italian anchovies, tomato sauce, oregano basil and black olives                                       $22
All the mains are served with bread and mixed salad
Carne alla Pizzaiola                                                              $28
-Grilled eye fillet medallions topped with tomato sauce fresh mozzarella cheese, oregano                    
Pollo alla parmigiana                                                                $25
-grilled chicken breast topped with delicious tomato sauce, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese
and fresh parmesan cheese and served with mixed green salad
Medallione ai funghi                                                                            $28
-Grilled eye fillet medallions topped with mixed porcini mushroom in a creamy and truffle sauce and served with mixed green salad
Pesce alla Pugliese                                                             $22
- Grilled snapper fillet topped with fresh chopped tomato, capers, red onions and black olives                              
Insalata fresca
-Green salad with tomatoes,carrots and black olives                           $7
-The classic italian dessert  mounthwatering with savoiardi from Italy soaked in espresso coffee with sicilian marsala and layered with rich mascarpone cream.Mammamia!!                                                                          $12
all the pizzas have tomato base and mozzarella cheese.
Marinara (without mozzarella cheese ) garlic and Italian oregano           $12
Margherita (V) with bail                                                                      $14
Napoletana  capers,oregan and anchovies                                       $14         
Hawai  pineapple and ham                                                                 $16
Inferno hot salami ,chili and capsicum                                                $16
Prosciutto e funghi -with cooked ham and porcini mushroom         $16
4 formaggi 4 cheese                                                                      $19
Ortolana (V)eggplants,capsicums olives and mushrooms                $18
4 Stagioni -with cooked ham,artichokes,shrimps and mushroom        $19
Nostrana with pork sausage red onions and mushrooms                    $19
Crudo e zola with parma ham and zola cheese                                    $20
Parmigiana (V)eggplants and shaved parmesan cheese                       $18
Bismark asparagus,egg mushrooms and ham                                     $18
Viestana seafood and rockect salad                                                   $20
Pugliese chicken,fresh tomatoes ,pinenuts,zucchine                              $20
La bomba cooked ham,salami,chicken,capsicum,mushrooms,red onions and black olives                                                                                         $21
Romana-Cooked ham, artichokes, rocket salad  and pecorino cheese  $19
Calzone closed pizza with cooked ham mozzarella cheese and artichoke $20
Ripieno closed pizza with mozzarella cheese ,ricotta cheese pepper and salame      $20
Calzone vegetariano Closedpizza with mozzarella cheese,capsicum,zucchini,
Eggplants                                                                                               $20
Piemontese (V) cooked ham,mushroom zucchine and truffle oil            $19
Contadina red onions,hot salami, zucchine and black olives                 $19
Regina zola cheese,parma ham fresh tomatoes and rocket salad          $20
Campagnola chicken capsicums and basil sauce.                                 $19
Salentina asparagus ,pork sausage                                                       $19
Altobello with prawns and zucchini                                                      $19
Genuina With asparagus and parma ham                                             $20
Gamberetti with shrimps black olives and rocket salad                         $19
Rustica With potatoes, red onions, rosemaryand smoked bacon           $19
Calabrese With pork sausage capsicums fresh  tomatoes and chili         $19
Puttanesca With anchovies capers ,black olives basil and chili                $18 .
Autunno Sausage,cooked ham, mushroom and parmesan cheese           $20
La ricca  red onions, pork sausage, brown beans and bacon                    $19
Pasqualina With salami, artichokes and black olives                             $19
Gustosa With salami,black olives,zola cheese,onions and capsicums      $20
Golosa With mushrooms, potatoes and salami                                        $19
Pizza pazza With egg, sausage mushrooms, capers and parmesan cheese $19
Fungata (V) (With mushroom parmesan cheese rocket salad and truffle oil                                         $19
 Salmone With smoked salmon and chopped tomatoes, black olives    $20
Focaccia (V)  Eggplants, capsicum and parmesan cheese                  $19
Terrona With brown beans, red onions, ham and garlic                    $19
Sirenetta With prawns, zucchini and mascarpone cheese                         $20
Parmata With fresh mozzarella fresh tomatoes and topped with parma ham and rocket salad $20
Paracarro With salami mushrooms truffle oil and rocket salad                  $19
The white pizza have mozzarella cheese base and are drizzled with extra virgin oil olive.
Amalfitana With salami,fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese               $19
Primizia Parma ham, rocket salad, walnuts  and parmesan cheese         $20
Pane & Vino Parma ham ,and fresh tomatoes chopped with garlic and parmesan cheese                                                                                  $20
Primavera Cooked ham,mushroom rocket salad and truffle oil            $19.
Lombarda Cooked ham, fresh tomatoes chopped garlic in extra virgin olive oil                                                                                                        $19
Italiana (V) with fresh mozzarella rocket salad ,basil ,grated parmesan and  pecorino cheese fresh tomatoes                                                           $19
Bufalina with fresh mozzarella,fresh tomatoes,parma ham and rocket salad  $20
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