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available from 12 to 3pm Monday to Friday .

Antipasti / Starter ( Served with home made daily bread )
-Bruschetta  (V)Home made roasted bread drizzled with extra vergin olive oil.
-topped with fresh tomato, garlic and oregano $7
-topped with mozzarella cheese and roasted capsicums $8
-topped with mozzarella cheese,truffle pesto and parmesan cheese $8 
-topped with buffalo mozzarella, fresh tomato and basil $10
-Antipasto di salumi (GF) Platter of mixed cured meat with pickled vegetables $17
-Antipasto tipico (GF) Chopping board with Parma ham fresh  mozzarella fresh tomato and rocket salad $17
-Burrata                   Mozzarella pocket filled with cream and mozzarella strings served with parma ham and basil pesto..$16
-Olive di Cerignola (V) Bowls of olives from Puglia $9
-Cozze alla marinara (GF) Steamed mussels with garlic, black pepper in white wine OR tomato sauce $14
-Calamari in umido (GF) Lightly pan fried squid with corn polenta in garlic and tomato sauce  $15
-Polenta pasticciata (V) (GF)
Oven baked polenta topped with zola cheese and mixed mushroom  and parmesan cheese $14
-Gamberi  e peperoni (GF) Panfried prawns with capsicum, garlic ,parsley ,chili in extra virgin olive oil $16
-Gamberi e funghi (GF) Panfried prawns with mushrooms and walnuts in white wine and garlic sauce $17

I FRITTI DI PANE & VINO (The classic Italian homemade deep fried)
-Arancini siciliani di riso (V) Deep fried balls of riso arborio filled with mozzarella cheese $13
-Croquette di patate (V) Deep fried crumbed potatoes croquette with garlic and parsley  $12
-Calamari fritti Deep fried squid tossed in flour ,lemon and pepper served with lemon $13
-Gamberoni Fritti Deep fried prawns tossed in flour and lemon $14
All our pasta are topped with grated parmesan cheese except seafood pasta
Kids size $6 off.
Extra parmesan cheese $3.
-Penne pepate With mushroom, chilli and pork sausage in tomato sauce $19
-Penne GamberiWith prawns and zucchini in white wine, garlic and dash of tomato sauce $20
-Linguine alla puttanesca With anchovies, capers, black olives, chili and basil in a tomato sauce $20
-Linguine alla genovese
With chicken, basil pesto in creamy sauce $19
-Linguine alla campagnola With chicken and mushrooms in a creamy tomato sauce $19
-(Vegetarian version) With mushrooms and basil in tomato sauce and a dash of cream $17
-Linguine ai frutti di mare 
With squid, mussels, prawns, garlic rosemary and parsley in a white wine sauce OR tomato sauce $20
-Spaghetti alla bolognese with beef and pork slow cooked  for 6 hours in tomato sauce like mama make it $19
-Saghetti alla carbonara 
With italian bacon in a creamy egg sauce $19

-Lasagna al forno  Beef lasagna with Bolognese sauce and béchamel sauce $21
-Cannelloni di carne con funghi Pasta tube filled with ragu of beef, mixed mushroom, parmesan cheese and truffle pesto topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce $23
-Cannelloni con pollo Pasta tube filled with ricotta cheese, chicken and spinach & topped with creamy sauce $20
-Cannelloni ricotta e spinaci
Oven baked pasta tube filled with spinach and ricotta cheese in tomato sauce $20
-Gnocchi di patate.
Homemade potatoes gnocchi. Only potatoes and flour.
Choose your favourite sauce Bolognese $20 -Tomato and basil (V)$19 Bacon and zola cheese (blue cheese) $22
-Mezzelune al pollo Chicken and parmesan cheese ravioli served with cream garlic sauce $21
-Ravioli ai funghi (V) Mushroom and parmesan cheese ravioli with cream and truffle sauce  $21
-Ravioli di Spinaci (V) Spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli served with tomato sauce and basil $20

All the mains are served with bread at the table.
-Melanzana alla parmigiana (V) Ovenbaked eggplants topped with heaps of parmesan cheese and tomato sauce.$20
-Pollo alla parmigiana (GF)
(Served with mixed green salad)Grilled chicken breast topped with tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese $27

-Pollo alla cacciatora (GF)(Served with mixed salad)Grilled chicken breast topped with zucchini and capsicum in tomato sauce $27
-Medallione ai funghi (Served with mixed salad)-Grilled eye fillet medallions topped with mixed mushroom in a creamy and truffle sauce $29
-Pesce Rock (GF) (Served with mixed salad)                                        Grilled crumbed fresh snapper fillet topped with rocket salad, walnuts, parmesan cheese and balsamic glaze $28
-Pesce alla livornese(GF) Oven baked snapper fillet topped with fresh tomatoes, black  olives and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil $23
-Timballo Genovese (GF) Oven baked fresh snapper fillet topped with Italian anchovies, tomato sauce, oregano basil and black olives $23
-Grigliata mista di pesce (GF) (Served with mixed salad) Classic Italian grilled mixed seafood (prawns,calamari,scallops and mussels) including fish of the day with fresh lemon and herbs $30
-Insalata fresca Green salad with tomatoes, carrots and black olives $8
-Insalata emiliana Baby spinach salad with parmesan cheese, mushrooms and walnuts   $9
-Caprese Classic Capri Island salad with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato slices and oregano  $10
-Insalata Mediterranea Mixed green salad with fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, red onions, black olives $10
-Insalata ruchetta Rocket salad with parmesan cheese and lemon Juice $8
-Insalata pugliese Baby spinach salad with anchovies, chicken and parmesan cheese $12

-Tiramisu The classic Italian dessert mouth watering with savoiardi from Italy soaked in espresso coffee with Sicilian marsala and layered with rich mascarpone $13        
  -Panna cotta Italian cream custard topped with valrhona chocolate sauce OR passion fruit and chocolate $12              
-Tartufo al cioccolato affogato(The second most popular Italian dessert) rich chocolate ice cream filled with cherry sauce and topped with hot chocolate $13
-Affogato Vanilla ice cream topped with shortblack espresso $12
-Annegato (GF)
Vanilla ice cream topped with espresso and Frangelico $14
-Sorbetto al limoncello(GF) Lemon sorbet topped with lemoncello shot  $12
-Cassata siciliana Home made original Sicilian cake with vanilla gelato lemon zest, orange zest and crushed almonds topped with almond marzipan $12
-Gelato ItalianoChocolate or Vanilla ice cream (Kids size 1/2 price)  $10
-Profiterol al cioccolatoHomemade puffy balls filled with creamy limoncello and topped with chocolate sauce $12
-Annegato (GF)Vanilla ice cream topped with espresso and Frangelico $14
all the pizzas have tomato base and mozzarella cheese. 
-Pizza bread Garlic, ,black pepper and Italian oregano  $12
-Marinara (without mozzarella cheese) garlic andI talian oregano $13
-Margherita (V) with basil $14
-Napoletana  capers, oregano and anchovies $17
-Hawaian  pineapple and ham $18
-Inferno hot salami, chili and capsicum $18
-Prosciutto e funghi cooked ham and mixed mushroom $18
-4 formaggi 4 cheese  $21
-Ortolana  (V) Eggplants, capsicums, olives and mushrooms  $19
-4 Stagioni  cooked ham, artichokes, anchovies and mushroom $21
-Rustica egg, bacon and sausage $23
-Nostrana  pork sausage bacon red onions and mushrooms   $23
-Bismark Egg mushrooms and ham  $20
-Parmigiana deepfried eggplants, fresh mozzarella cheese and basil $20
-Pugliese chicken and zucchini  $21
-La bomba cooked ham, salami, chicken, capsicum, mushrooms, red onions and black olives $23
-Romana Cooked ham, artichokes, rocket salad  and pecorino cheese $21
-Calzone closed pizza with cooked ham mozzarella cheese and artichokes $20
-Ripieno closed pizza with mozzarella cheese , pepper and salame $20
-Calzone vegetariano (V) Closed pizza with mozzarella cheese,capsicum,zucchini, eggplants $20
-Piemontese cooked ham, mushroom zucchine and truffle oil $21
-Contadina  red onions, hot salami,  zucchine and black olives $20
-Regina zola cheese,parma ham and rocket salad $22
-Campagnola  pork sausage, ham, chicken and salami $24
-Calabrese pork sausage capsicums and chili $21
-Puttanesca  anchovies capers ,black olives basil and chili  $19
-Autunno Sausage, cooked ham, mushroom and parmesan cheese $22
-Gustosa salami, black olives, zola cheese, onions and capsicums  $21
-Parmata  fresh mozzarella and topped with Parma ham and rocket salad  $22
-Paracarro salami mushrooms truffle oil and rocket salad  $20
-Fungata (V)  mushroom, parmesan cheese rocket salad and truffle oil  $20
-Siciliana Salami, capsicum, capers anchovies and black olives $19 

-Pizza Bianca/White pizza
 The white pizza have mozzarella cheese base with fresh topping and are drizzled with extra virgin oil olive. 
-Tartufata Parma ham, mushrooms and truffle oil $21
-Primizia Parma ham, rocket salad, walnuts  and parmesan cheese  $21
-Pane & Vino  Parma ham ,and fresh tomatoes chopped with garlic and parmesan cheese $21
-Italiana (V)  fresh mozzarella rocket salad ,basil ,grated parmesan and  pecorino cheese fresh tomatoes  $20
-Bufalina  fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, Parma ham
 and rocket salad   $21

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