PANE & VINO - Italian Trattoria Pizzeria
Pane & Vino's group booking policy
A group booking is 10 or more people.
The maximum we can seat is 30 people.
The price per person is $40.00 as per the attached menu(s) explained.
We might arrange a diferent set menus.Talk to us.
The main reason for offering set menus is because otherwise the chef and kitchen staff will be unable to prepare in the same time several different mains chosen a la carte. 
Our menu "a la carte" have more then 110 dishes to chosen from.
If 10 persons or more would choice 10 different or more meals the kitchen will not be able to prepare and deliver  the food at the same time to your table.
Shall we say "Not set menu,the food might not arrive  to the table at the same time"?
If it will be sound good for you talk to us.Grazie.
About the booking fee
A bond of $50.00* is required at the time you book.
This will be credited to your table account or returned to you on the night.
 Your booking is NOT confirmed until your booking fee is paid.  
About the menu
The Set menus include:
1.       Choice of starter served with home made fresh bread.
2.       Choice of a main it might be either pasta pasta, pizza, fish, steak, etc.etc.
3.       choice of a dessert
4.       choice of a coffee.
Group booking policy rules
1. We require a minimum of 5 days notice of a group booking enquiry.
2. Your booking will not be accepted until your booking fee is paid.
3. By paying the booking fee you are accepting the terms & conditions of our Group Booking Policy.
4. Your booking will be considered cancelled unless the number of people is confirmed within 3 days and your booking fee will not be returned.
5. The number of people you confirm will be the number of people you will be charged for regardless of how many actually show on the night. Alternatively and at our discretion, your booking fee will not re-imbursed. The reason being that quite often, we have held a large
table for groups while turning many people away, only to have less than half the group show up.
Book now.
If you would like to go ahead with your booking please contact the restaurant directly on ph 09-3600263 to book and also to pay the $50* booking fee explained above
Grazie e a presto!
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