PANE & VINO - Italian Trattoria Pizzeria
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Catering Menu
-We really have many delicious genuine italian dishes  to provide.
If you had experience of a delicious meal in Italy,please let us know what it was and we will make it for you with italian passion.
-Bruschette tomato garlic ,oil
-Buschetta capsicum,mozzarella cheese and fresh baby spinach
-Bruschetta pecorino cheese,salami and artichokes from Roma 
Many more bruschetta as your taste.
-Platters of mixed cured meats. 
-Parma ham,bufalo mozzarella,fresh tomatoes and rocket salad.
-Olives from Naples and pecorino cheese from Rome 
-Roledl grilled eggplant stuffed with buffalo mozzarella.
-Grilled thin sliced fillet fish with fresh tomatoes,onions,capers and black olives in extra vergin olive oil
-Grilled prawns in a cocktail rose' brandy sauce
-Potatoes croquettes
-Classic sicilian arancini di riso filled fried riceballs
-Calzoncini di mozzarella cheese,ham and tomato sauce
-Fresh tomatoes topped with bufalo mozzarella,oregan and extra vergin oilve oil
-Smoked salmon rolled on goat cheese and rocket salad. 
-From Trentino Alto-Adige speck (cured pork neck)rolled in a soft zola and cream cheese
-Parma ham and rock melon (seasonal)
-Carpacci of sliced fish,beef,octopus  topped with lemon juice,parmesan and rocket salad
-Vegetables imported from South Italy in extra vergin olive oil.
and more,more ......
first dishes
Penne alla Contadina (italian farm style)
-With cured meats,onions mushroom and chili in tomato sauce  
Penne alla Siciliana
With eggplant,ricotta cheese in tomato sauce
Penne alla Pane & Vino
-With slow cooked beef ragu in red wine and tomato sauce with capsicum,mushroom and finish with fresh ricotta cheese
Penne alla Viestana(from Tito place)
-With prawn and zucchine in a delicious rose sauce
Penne ai frutti di mare (from Auckland seafood festival)
-With prawns,calamari and mussels in a delicious tomato sauce.
(oven baked pasta)
Lasagna al forno
-Beef lasagne with ragu and bechamel sauce
Lasagna al pollo
-Chicken lasagne with basil pesto,chicken in bechamel sauce.
Lasagne alle verdure
-With capsicums,zucchine,green beans,green peas capsicums and carrots with besciamel sauce
Pasta al forno
-Ovenbaked Penne pasta with tomato sauce,cooked ham,salami and mozzarella cheese.
Cannelloni di carne con funghi
-Pasta tube filled with ragu of beef,porcini mashroom and truffle sauce topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.
Cannelloni di magro.
-Pasta tube filled with ricotta cheese and spinach topped with mozzarella cheese,parmesan cheese and bechamel sauce.
Gnocchi alla Sorrentina (from Amalfi Coast)
-Oven baked potatoes Gnocchi with tomato sauce,chili,basil and mozzarella fresca di “latte”
Peperoni ripieni al forno
-Oven baked capsicum filled with beef ragu,crumbed bread,egg,garlic and parsley,topped with parmesan cheese and tomato sauce
Arrosti di carne
-Roasted game meat
Polpette al sugo
-The classic from South Italy meat balls in a delicious tomato sauce
Cotoletta alla Milanese
-Panfried crumbed veal scaloppine with garlic,parsley parmesan cheese 
Calamari ripieni alla viestana
- Whole squid stuffed with rustic bread,eggs,garlic,parmesan cheese and garlic cooked In a tomato and white wine sauce.
Grigliata mista di pesce.
-Classic italian grilled mixed seafood including fish of the day with fresh lemon and herbs served on a bed of rocket salad
Insalata fresca
-Rocket salad with tomatoes,carrots and black olives
Insalata emiliana
-Baby spinach salad with parmesan cheese,mushrooms and black olives
Insalata ligure
-Baby spinach salad with feta cheese walnuts and black olives
Insalata Nicoise
-green salad,corn grain,shrimps,cooked egg,tuna.
Verdure alla griglia
-Grilled eggplants with garlic,parsley and extravergin olive oil
Verdure del giorno al forno
-oven baked crumbed tomatoes or eggplants or zucchine with herbs and garlic
The classic italian dessert mounthwatering with savoiardi from Italy soaked in espresso coffee with sicilian marsala and layered with rich mascarpone cream.Mammamia!!
-Torta della nonna
-Bigne al cioccolato
Profiteroles filled with limoncelo custard topped with wave of chocolate cream
-Baba al limoncello
Classic from Naples Mini briosche marinated in limoncello topped with whipped cream.
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